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2004년 설립. England 업체.
유럽 Rock'n roll무대 및 TV. Film 조명 디자이너들이 가장 선호하는 Magic Q Series 제조업체로 성장하였으며 2014년 PLASA Show에서 가장 주목해야 할 업체로 선정되었습니다.
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Pro 2014 Series
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Pro 2014 Series


Pro 2014 Series Discontinuation

ChamSys announces that the Pro 2014 Series of consoles including the MQ100, MQ200 and MQ300 have been discontinued as of August 2016 and will no longer be manufactured.  Existing stocks are being run down.

The new Stadium MQ500 console provides all of the features of the MQ100 Pro 2014 and more.  The MQ80 has proven a popular choice for those looking for a lower cost solution. 

MagicQ Playback Wings have also now been discontinued.  The MagicQ Extra Wing continues to be available and can be used with any MagicQ system including Compacts, Stadium and PC/Mac solutions.

Pro 2014 Series Support

ChamSys will continue to support Pro 2014 consoles.  We have a large stock of spare parts with the aim of being able to provide spares for these products for up to 10 years.

Customers that have purchased in the last 2 years will continue to have warranty support.

The Pro 2014 operating system will continue to be supported, with ongoing development of the MagicQ software.  Some features of the Stadium software will not be available on the Pro 2014, particularly those requiring high performance graphics or high resolution monitors.

New MagicQ fixture personalities will continue to be made available for the Pro 2014 consoles.

Older Console Support

ChamSys is no longer offering upgrades of older Pro and Pro 2010 consoles to new Pro 2014 rear panels. 

For customers wishing to upgrade their consoles to Pro 2014, ChamSys may be able to offer a limited number of upgrades with used or ex demo Pro 2014 rear panels.

We still offer replacement upgrades of the side cheeks and upgrade to LED display.

For customers with faulty Pro and Pro 2010 consoles we can offer replacement parts from our used/ex-demo stock.

The Pro 2010 operating system (.cdx) is still supported on latest MagicQ software versions, but we are not making any changes / fixes related to this operating system.  Support for MagicQ updates on the Pro 2010 may becomes less frequent and are likely to be dropped within the next 2 years.

The Pro operating system (.cde) is no longer actively supported - MagicQ was the last released version for Pro.

New MagicQ fixture personalities will continue to be made available for Pro and Pro 2010 consoles.

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