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Terbly (Goldensea)
1995년 설립. China 업체.
중국 최고의 Entertainment 조명 제조업체로 장비의 90%는 미주, 유럽에 OEM으로 판매하고 있습니다
G12, G10, G9, Hybrid moving 제품과 각종 LED Spotlight 등 다양한 Line-up 제품을 제조합니다.
Goldensea 제품카테고리
Hybrid (Spot/Beam/Wash) Series Platinum Series LED Wash Series LED Spot Series High CRI LED Series

제조사 Goldensea
원산지 China

LED Spot 장비 계열은 LSP600S, LSP300S 및 LSP230PRO 등의 종류가 있으며 이들은 각각 high Power 600W, 300W 및 230W White LED를 사용하고 있으며 각각의 장비는 Zoom 기능과 CMY 등 다양한 기능을 갖추고 있습니다.

WP06 is suitable for the Platinum moving heads, including 5R, 15R, 16R and 17RA series.
Being more resistant to high temperature, more durable and more economical, it can effectively protects fixtures from the erosion of rain water and humidity in the outdoor performance.
The dome could be separated from the base during transportation.
• Waterproof : IP65
• Dome: new type of UV-resistant and heat-resistant PC material
• Base: stainless steel material, matte black finish
• Installation: 360° hung and fixed by 4pcs of M12 screws or positioned on the floor
• High effective transmission: over 82%
• Outdoor ambience:0-45°
• Temperature : -20° to 45°
• Humidity:0-100% 
• Excellent air circulation system well control temperature and humidity
• Cooling: the dome and protected fixture are connected by different  
              power supply, allowing the dome to keep cooling down after
              the protected fixture is off.  
• Control: RDM compatible; the display shows humidity, and working state
• Connection: Powercon plug inside for corresponding fixture;
                    DMX control between the dome and protected fixture; 
• Wireless for option
• Power: AC110~120V or AC220~240V 50/60HZ
• Max. output power: 2000W
• Max. load: 60kgs
• Net weight: 33kgs
• Standard Accessories
     Omega clamps:2 sets
     Safety cord:2 pcs
# 07547 서울 특별시 강서구 양천로 583, 우림블루나인 비즈니스 센터 B동 2001호     대표전화 02-2093-1002 팩스 02-2093-1003
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