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Terbly (Goldensea)
1995년 설립. China 업체.
중국 최고의 Entertainment 조명 제조업체로 장비의 90%는 미주, 유럽에 OEM으로 판매하고 있습니다
G12, G10, G9, Hybrid moving 제품과 각종 LED Spotlight 등 다양한 Line-up 제품을 제조합니다.
Goldensea 제품카테고리
Hybrid (Spot/Beam/Wash) Series Platinum Series LED Wash Series LED Spot Series High CRI LED Series

제조사 Goldensea
원산지 China


l   Lamp: Philips Platinum 35, CT:7400K or Philips Platinum 35 ST, CT:6000K,Life: 750H

l   Control channel: 37/39/60 channels

l   Pan movement: 540°/630°optional (16 bit )

l   Tilt movement: 270°(16 bit )

l   Advanced moving system: fast, stable and quiet, auto X-Y repositioning

l   CMY color mixing and speed adjustable

l   CTO color temperature linear change from 2700K-6500K

l   Color wheel: 7 dichroic filters +open, rainbow effect

l   30 CMY+CTO+Color Macros and random CMY

l   Rotating gobo wheel: 6 interchangeable, rotating, indexable gobos+open

l   Static gobo wheel: 7 interchangeable and indexable gobos+open;

l   Patented Profile system: cutting spot freely to create different shape

l   Rotating prism: 3 facets and prism macros

l   Focus: motorized focus

l   Shutter: Variable from 1-25 flashes or random strobe

l   Dimming: 0-100% full range dimming

l   Iris: motorized linear change from 5%-100%

l   Frost: 0-100%

l   Zoom: 8°-50°linear zoom

l   7 pre-built programs can be selected

l   Friendly touch full color LCD display,with rechangeable battery

l   Software upgrade: through DMX cable conveniently, quickly upgrade software

l   Optional Built in wireless receiver

l   Remote DMX addressing, lamp of/off, reset, sound control switch by controller

l   Display the fixture and lamp running time so customers can get to know the situation about lamp usage

l   Advanced RDM function


Power: AC100-240V, 50/60HZ

Packing dimension: 93 x 63 x 54 cm

Net Weight: 35kg

Gross Weight: 42kg



# 07547 서울 특별시 강서구 양천로 583, 우림블루나인 비즈니스 센터 B동 2001호     대표전화 02-2093-1002 팩스 02-2093-1003
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