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1987년 설립. Germany 업체.
LED Vary Moving Head, LED Wash 제조회사로 세계 최초로 LED Moving Head Zoom 개발업체입니다.
유럽 무대조명 디자이너들이 가장 선호하는 LED WASH( Sparx7/10, A8/12) 장비업체입니다.
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LED Beam Wash Series LED Spot Moving Series Lighting Console

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Varyscan P4 - BeamSpot

P4 is the abbreviation for the new spot by JB-Lighting and stands for quadruple perfection since it features a perfect beam, a perfect spot, perfect serviceability and a perfect size.


The light source of the Varyscan P4 is a 280W discharge lamp emitting highly concentrated light. Therefore it is, despite its low wattage, extremely impressive even in applications involving great distances. The optical system comes with a special lens that dis- tributes the focused light beam during projection uniformly across the entire area thus enabling bright as well as homogenous projections. The effects unit is equipped with two gobo wheels, two prisms, zoom and focus, frost, shutter and dimmer, 10 colours, CTO and CTB filters, a UV effect as well as extremely rapid and precise PAN and TILT movements.

The P4 has of course a slide-in module so that maintenance work and gobo change can be carried out quickly and easily. It comes with the radio DMX system by JB-Lighting on-board which allows optimal combination with all the latest moving lights by JB-Lighting. Due to its comprehensive effect unit, compact housing and low weight as well as an extraordinarily high light output the P4 is suited for all stage sizes.


Optics and light source
• Osram Sirius HRI 280W short arc discharge lamp with integrated reflector
• High luminance due to very short arc and high internal pressure
• 2.000h expected life time
• Zoom range beam application: 2,3° - 10°
• Zoom range spot application: 5° - 21,6°

• 1 gobo wheel with 10 static gobos and 4 apertures for different beam sizes
• 1 gobo wheel with 9 rotatable, indexable and exchangeable gobos
• 1 color wheel with 10 full/semi-colors
• CTO- and CTB filter
• UV filter
• Rainbow effect in various speed
• 6 facet linear prism, rotatable and indexable
• 8 facet circular prism, rotatable and indexable
• Frost effect, variable
• Dimmer 0% – 100%
• Shutter with pre-programmed pulse and ramp function
• Zoom and focus

• 3 phase extra strong stepping motors
• Precise and very fast movement
• 433° pan / 280° tilt

Control and programming
• Protocol: USITT DMX-512
• JB-Lighting Wireless DMX on-board
• Stand-alone mode
• Master/slave function
• Built-in DMX analyzer

• Slide-in module
• Rugged construction
• Transport lock
• Forced air cooling (temperature regulated, low noise)
• Graphical display, electronically revolvable
• Neutrik 3pin and 5pin in/out
• Neutrik PowerCon in/out

• 2 omega brackets for quick and comfortable mounting in any direction with four different mounting possibilities

Electrical specification
• Max. power consumption 480VA
• Input voltage range 100 – 240V, 50/60HZ
• Electronic ballast

Mechanical specifications
• Dimensions: W 381 x H 582 x D 265mm
• Weight 15 kg

• Wireless TRX
• Double flight case made by Amptown with SIP foam inlets
• Quad flight case made by Amptown with SIP foam inlets



# 07547 서울 특별시 강서구 양천로 583, 우림블루나인 비즈니스 센터 B동 2001호     대표전화 02-2093-1002 팩스 02-2093-1003
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