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1992년 설립. Spain 업체.
방송. 무대용 컴퓨터 조명 콘솔 제조 업체로 국내에는 Hydra Series 및 Piccolo Series로 널리 알려져 있습니다.
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제조사 LT-Light
원산지 Spain




  • The soft keys, one per channel, can be: FlashSwitcher, or Dimming for channels, and GO function for the temporised special Memories. These keys can be disabled.
  • One LED per channel, as intensity flag.
  • Display and 3 functions keys for menus edition and information accessing.
  • Patch, linear or channel by channel (1024 directions).
  • Response Curves generic or channel by channel (5 available).
  • Backup memories, with time-in, or last DMX signal maintenance.
  • “AL” function: Memories with their times that can be executed by the frontal keys or by the external panel connected to its 0+10V input. These memories can have Attributes of priority, solo, etc. (12, 6 or 3 available, depending of the Totem model).
  • Voltmeter per phase input and Thermometer.
  • Totem controls the connections number and the working hours.
  • 8 working modes of MIDI. Set up for the MIDI channel, and the MIDI Controller/Note. It is possible to connect a keyboard, a sequencer, etc. to the dimmer directly.
  • Menus to test the input and output buffers, the control source of each channel, etc.
  • Luminaries protection with a delay time (30…500 ms.) in the quick rises.
  • Slow rearm in the Switching On, to permit us switch on the dimmer to full load.


  • 3 control signal inputs that can work simultaneity: DMX0+10VMIDI.
  • Amecon Chokes: 303 µs. (3 Kw.), 378 µs. (6, 12 Kw.)
  • DPN protection (3 Kw.) or Bipolar protection (6, 12 Kw.)
  • 95A Thyristor Pack (Mod. 3 channels) and 60A Thyristor Pack (Mod. 6 channels).
  • 25A Triac in Mod.12 channels. (Optionally 25A thyristor pack).
  • Fan ventilation and temperature control, with alert and disconnection thresholds.
  • Voltage control, with alert and disconnection thresholds.
  • Phase feedback per input phase.
  • Software control of the electronic noise in the main phase inputs.
  • Automatic adjustment of the working frequency (40 – 75 Hz.). The response curve is maintained with the input frequency modifications.
  • Power supply: Harting connector, 4 x 80 A. + G. 380V3~ , 40-75 Hz, 12Kw/phase.
  • Power outputs: Harting connector, 24 x 16A. (3 Kw.), 2 Harting connector, 6 x 35A. (6 Kw.), or Harting connector, 7 x 100A. (12 Kw.)
  • 2 XLR-5. DMX in, thru.
  • 1 SubD-15. Analog in.
  • 1 DIN-5. MIDI in.


  • 483 (19”) x 435 (handless) x 176 (4U).
  • Weight: 25 Kg.

Sizes in milimeters (width x depth x height).

# 07547 서울 특별시 강서구 양천로 583, 우림블루나인 비즈니스 센터 B동 2001호     대표전화 02-2093-1002 팩스 02-2093-1003
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