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1990년 설립. Netherland 업체.
모터 호이스트, 트러스 및 무대장치 등을 제조 공급하고 있는 Prolyte group은 정숙성과, 정확성 및 안전성을 추구하며 ProLyft AETOS hoist는 독자적인 Before & After Service 운영과 Life Time Warranty로 2014' Plasa Show에서 올해의 제품으로 선정되기도 하였습니다.
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Direct control, 8 way
제조사 Prolyte Group
원산지 Netherland

Direct control, 8 way
Catalog number: PAE-C8DC-10 - Item code: 216310007
The Aetos Pro controllers have been engineered with an understanding of the needs of rigging operators. The layout and functionality of the buttons are designed to meet the demands of daily practice in lifting, where any selection mistake can create a dangerous situation. Including a sealed front panel with integrated LED indicators and buttons, group selection, group up/down switch, bump function, E-stop at SIL 2 level. Available in 4, 8 or 12 way models.



The Aetos Pro controllers are designed for:

Professional rental companies, demanding a flexible control system  to facilitate the frequent change of lifting configurations, offering both easy operation and a clear overview of the selected and operated hoists.

Permanent installations, where controllers are centralised and operated remotely; and where there is a growing demand for multiple remotes and E-stops.

Use with touch screen remotes, enabling you to create groups of hoists or patch your hoists to any control position.


Technical specifications

Front panel:

  • Sealed front panel with integrated buttons
  • LED indicators for “ power”, “breaker trip” and “operational”
  • Hoist selection switches to select the group of hoists to operate
  • LED indicators to show the selection per switch
  • LED output automatically adjusts to light conditions:  Bright in the sun, Soft in the darkness of a stage
  • Group up/down switch
  • Bump function within a selected group
  • Single deselect button for easy clearing of the previous selection
  • Emergency stop at SIL2 level

Back panel and housing:

  • 32Amp/400V CEE form 5pin mains connector with 1,5mtr powercord
  • Automatic phase order detection
  • Main breaker on back panel, per 4-channels
  • Modular power packs per 4 channels, easily interchangeable
  • Harting 16pin output connector(s)
  • 19-inch rack mountable housing

Thuja network:

  • Thuja network connection “Link in” / “Link out” by 7pin XLR’s on front panel to:
  • Link controllers (up to 99)
  • Connect remote
  • The order of linking will automatically number the controllers on the remote
  • Emergency stop in a linked configuration at SIL2 lev
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