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1990년 설립. Netherland 업체.
모터 호이스트, 트러스 및 무대장치 등을 제조 공급하고 있는 Prolyte group은 정숙성과, 정확성 및 안전성을 추구하며 ProLyft AETOS hoist는 독자적인 Before & After Service 운영과 Life Time Warranty로 2014' Plasa Show에서 올해의 제품으로 선정되기도 하였습니다.
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LT Roof
제조사 Prolyte Group
원산지 Netherland

The LT Roof is a tower-based structure with a pitched roof.

The LT Roof is a tower-based structure with a pitched roof. Although the roof pitch is designed differently than the MPT or ST Roof Systems, it can be constructed just as easily as all ProlyteStructures Roof Systems. The LT Roof has a standard cantilever of 2 m at the front side. Special tent profiles with integrated keder profile are mounted on top of the truss by means of adjustable supports. The adjustable supports make it possible to build the roof in different configurations. With the addition of an extra section, the stage depth can be extended from 10m to 15m. Sound-wings grids with an inside width of 4,8 m are optional, built adjacent to the main stage.
# 07547 서울 특별시 강서구 양천로 583, 우림블루나인 비즈니스 센터 B동 2001호     대표전화 02-2093-1002 팩스 02-2093-1003
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